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PCA work can be incredibly rewarding and meaningful. PCAs assist people with disabilities with Activities of Daily Living. The list of activities varies greatly depending upon the person and their disability. PCAForever.org does not hire or manage PCA career development. The links below provide more information on how to become a PCA and how to find work as a PCA.

Worker Applications


Job Description

A personal care attendant (PCA) is a person who is recruited and hired by a consumer to physically assist in performing Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). Consumers may hire multiple PCAs, as necessary, to meet their specific needs. The jobs are as varied as the consumers; each person has different needs and preferences, and the work typically evolves as the consumer and PCA get to know each other.

Career Resources

Tips on Finding a Job (excepts from Rewarding Work)

ADL: Activities of Daily Living include mobility (including tranfers), medications, bathing and grooming, dressing and undressing, range-of-motion exercises, eating and toileting.
IADL: Instrumental Activities of Daily Living include meal preparation, shopping, laundry, managing money, housework, transportation, use of telephone, outdoor mobility, and taking medicine
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